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Titanic II trailer online

As previously reported, The Asylum decided to go where no-one else dared and make Titanic II. Yesterday, the “new and improved trailer was released online. Enjoy:

The movie will be released on dvd August 24.


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Today is Airline Disaster day

As I haven’t yet seen it, I’m not sure how much of a disaster movie this is (as opposed to your standard action/thriller), but any film that features a jumbo jet slamming into the Washington Monument tickles my curiosity. The Asylum releases Airline Disaster today. Just thought you’d like to know.

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Disaster Movie Saturday

Got Syfy? Then you can spend this Saturday watching a disaster movie marathon that lasts all day and most of the night. The main attraction is the premiere of Annihilation Earth (“It’s got meteors…it’s got quakes” — see trailer below).

The other films are Earthstorm, Meteor, 10.5 Apocalypse, something called Ba’al: The Storm God, Ice Twisters, Disaster Zone: Earthquake in New York and (if you’re still awake at 3AM) Avalanche: Nature Unleashed. A full day of cheap thrills, in other words. Congrats!

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2012: Supernova trailer online

The Asylum keeps grinding ’em out. Hot on the heels of Megafault – which I still haven’t had the opportunity to see – comes 2012: Supernova. This one is a disaster flick with more of a science fiction flavor: As a star in “a nearby galaxy” goes supernova and threatens Earth (I’m smelling some possible scientific implausibilities already), our heroes will have to come up with a way to save us from the wave of lethal radiation.

To be released October 26. Official info over at theasylum.cc.

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Megafault trailer online


Yes, folks, the MTV Movies Blog got their hands on the trailer for the upcoming made-for-tv disaster flick Megafault. Click here to take a look.

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Trailer: Haeundae

In the mood for a disaster flick not made in Hollywood? Check out the trailer for Haeundae, a South Korean contribution to the genre, billed as the nation’s first big budget disaster movie. Yay!

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It’s a disaster!!!

I just have to share this wonderful remix of the 2012 trailer, that I found via Screenrant (and which was originally posted on io9). And I gotta say, as ironical as it is, it’s actually better than the real one.

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New 2012 trailer online


Roland Emmerich is hell-bent on destroying the world – again. After having poor old Earth pummeled by evil aliens in Independence Day and then frozen solid in The Day After Tomorrow, Mr. Emmerich is back with 2012, slated for release this November.

Video after the jump…

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