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Flood (2007)

Directed by: Tony Mitchell
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Jessalyn Gilsig, Tom Courtenay, Joanne Whalley, David Suchet, Nigel Planer

Setup is for sissies. Flood wastes no time to get things moving, drowning a gloomy Scottish town even before the titles have hit the screen. Where many disaster movies spend the first half hour or more on heavy-handed exposition, Flood hits the ground running.

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Disaster Movie Saturday

Got Syfy? Then you can spend this Saturday watching a disaster movie marathon that lasts all day and most of the night. The main attraction is the premiere of Annihilation Earth (“It’s got meteors…it’s got quakes” — see trailer below).

The other films are Earthstorm, Meteor, 10.5 Apocalypse, something called Ba’al: The Storm God, Ice Twisters, Disaster Zone: Earthquake in New York and (if you’re still awake at 3AM) Avalanche: Nature Unleashed. A full day of cheap thrills, in other words. Congrats!

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It’s a Metal Tornado!

If you thought Atomic Twister was a great title for a disaster movie (even though the film itself sucked), check this out: Metal Tornado. That’s right: Metal Tornado. And no, it’s not an 80’s heavy metal comedy, it’s an upcoming sci-fi disaster movie. Check out the synopsis and full poster after the jump.

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Disaster from Down Under

Here’s another coming attraction to keep an eye on: Arctic Blast is an Australian film currently in post-production and set for release in late May 2010. Director Brian Trenchard-Smith is well-known among fans of “Ozploitation”, and screenwriter Jason Bourque has both made-for-tv garbage and awards-nominated documentaries on his resumé. I kind of doubt Arctic Blast is headed for any major awards, though…

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