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Terror on the 40th Floor (1974)

Directed by: Jerry Jameson
Starring: John Forsythe, Joseph Campanella, Anjanette Comer, Lynn Carling, Laurie Heineman

Terror on the 40th Floor is usually said to be a rip-off of The Towering Inferno. I’m sure it is, though according to the IMDb, Terror was actually released a few months before Inferno. Maybe the producers of Terror read about Inferno in the trades and decided to beat Irwin Allen in the race to the screen (though this one was made for the smaller screen). Who knows? And, more to the point, who cares?

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Poseidon (2006)

Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen
Starring: Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Emmy Rossum, Richard Dreyfuss, Jacinda Barrett, Andre Braugher, Kevin Dillon

The Poseidon Adventure is one of the classic disaster films of the 1970’s and a personal favorite of mine, so I’ll admit I approached Wolfgang Petersen’s remake with some skepticism. And no, the 2006 version of Poseidon doesn’t even come close to the original in terms of atmosphere, characters or suspense. It does deliver some nice action sequences, though.
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2012 (2009)


Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Starring: John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, Woody Harrelson, Danny Glover

So is 2012 the disaster movie to rule them all? Well, not quite, though Roland Emmerich certainly tries his damndest, in the process delivering some of the biggest, most spectacularly over-the-top destruction sequences ever committed to film. 2012 is big, loud and stupid – but also very good-looking and very entertaining.

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Ice Ice Baby

iceMeanwhile, I came across news about an upcoming disaster movie called Ice, based on a 1970’s novel by James Follett. What caught my attention was the fact that Sam Neill is set to star, alongside other well-known names such as Richard Roxburgh, Claire Forlani and Stephen Moyer.

According to the production company website, Ice is a climate change thriller set in the year 2020:

Findings by environmental scientist Professor Thom Archer suggest that Halo, the corporate energy company drilling on the Greenland Glacier are causing it to melt.
Archer’s warnings are ignored, so he heads to the Arctic to find indisputable evidence. Upon arrival, he realises humankind is under immediate threat, and races home to save his family.
The glacier collapses, with devastating consequences. Astonishing weather patterns emerge and plunge the world’s temperatures into steep decline.
ICE confronts a wholly terrifying and plausible natural disaster of epic proportions. This uncompromising production sees a planet on the brink of annihilation, unleashing an apocalypse with an intensity and magnitude audiences will never forget.

Sounds fun enough. Shooting is underway in New Zealand, and the release is set for next year.


Am going to see 2012 this Saturday. Will post a review on Sunday.

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Megafault (2009)


Directed by: David Michael Latt
Starring: Brittany Murphy, Eriq La Salle, Bruce Davison, Justin Hartley, Paul Logan

Mockbuster producers The Asylum proudly proclaimed that their Syfy original movie Megafault is their biggest production to date. What you have to keep in mind is that that’s not really saying much at all. Sure, there are a couple of recognizable names in this one, along with very many explosions, but it’s still a bargain bin production.

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