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Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York (2006)


Directed by: Robert Lee
Starring: Costas Mandylor, Michael Ironside, Alexandra Paul, Eric Breker, Pascale Hutton

Yes, folks, it’s time to watch the Big Apple get devastated again. This time in so inept a way that it makes Aftershock: Earthquake in New York look like a high-end production.

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2012: Supernova trailer online

The Asylum keeps grinding ’em out. Hot on the heels of Megafault – which I still haven’t had the opportunity to see – comes 2012: Supernova. This one is a disaster flick with more of a science fiction flavor: As a star in “a nearby galaxy” goes supernova and threatens Earth (I’m smelling some possible scientific implausibilities already), our heroes will have to come up with a way to save us from the wave of lethal radiation.

To be released October 26. Official info over at theasylum.cc.

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Twister (1996)


Directed by: Jan de Bont
Starring: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jami Gertz, Lois Smith, Cary Elwes

You wouldn’t know it from looking at her, but Helen Hunt is one of the densest objects on Earth. She’s so heavy, not even an F5 tornado, capable of hurling trucks around like confetti, can lift her off the ground. At least that’s my conclusion after watching Twister, where Helen and co-star Bill Paxton more than once remain firmly grounded while vehicles and buildings in their immediate vicinity are torn apart or whisked away into the air.

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New 2012 clip featuring Woody Harrelson

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With just one month to go before the premiere, yet another 2012 clip has been released online. No VFX extravaganza this time, just acting: it’s a short scene where John Cusack’s character visits Woody Harrelson’s doomsday prophet to ask what’s up with this end-of-the-world business. Somewhat humorous, no less.

Are you excited yet?

(Found over on comingsoon.net.)

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Lars von Trier does disaster


I didn’t deliver a new disaster movie review this weekend, as I should have. Sorry about that. I’ll get a new one up as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I give you this piece of news: director Lars von Trier has announced his new project, Melancholia, which is described as a psychological-drama-slash-disaster-film.  Read more…

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Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999)


Directed by: Mikael Salomon
Starring: Tom Skerritt, Charles S. Dutton, Sharon Lawrence, Lisa Nicole Carson, Jennifer Garner, Erika Eleniak-Goglia

Choosing New York as the epicenter of a major earthquake isn’t exactly an obvious choice, as The Big Apple isn’t particularly known for being located in an earthquake zone. Googling the subject, it turns out there are indeed some fault lines beneath the city that might pose a bigger threat than previously thought. I don’t know if the makers of this made-for-tv movie (originally aired as a two-part miniseries) had an unexpectecly deep knowledge of geology, but I suspect they really didn’t care. You see, the quake that devastates New York is first and foremost not a physical event – it is an opportunity for the people affected by it to learn valuable life lessons and get closer to each other. Oh yeah, it’s a Hallmark production.

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2012 preview clip released

Yesterday, Sony released a five minute clip from Roland Emmerich’s upcoming 2012, giving us a taste of what the finished film will be like. This clip features John Cusack, Amanda Peet and their kids fleeing for their lives as California quite literally slides into the ocean.

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